How it Works

Ultramodern form of selfie - 3D Figurines

For a long time, 2D technology ruled the selfie world. Now SculptMe3D allows you to peep into the ultramodern form of selfie what we call as 3D figurines.

These are way much ahead of 2D in terms of sophistication, feel and vividness. The replicas generated in the form of 3D printed imitation models get printed with comprise unbelievable originality, unmatched quality and unending color assortment.

This inventiveness in our 3D figurines is most apt to get transformed into and present enormous opportunity for you to bring your special and everyday events to life!

To put it right, our mission at SculptMe3D is to help you store memories forever. We do that through 3D figurines blending state of the art technology with the proficiency of our skilled hands and a commitment for excellence.


Photo Processing

No matter where you live send us 4 to 7 images then our design department will create your digital model according to your specifications.


Post Production

Once we design the shape of all visible details, then we will refine your digital form and make sure the print turns out to the most lifelike as possible.
We print your figurine and give the best finish quality, then we paint the figurine to the most lifelike appearance.



Once the figurine is perfected, we will ship it to your doorsteps.


  • Figurines once ordered cannot be canceled.
  • Photo processing can achive only 80 to 95% of the details.
  • 100% advance payment compulsory for confirming the order.
  • Sizes are calculated from tip of head to bottom of the base.

Photo Processing is totally a different process, it's more like sculpture doing traditional work from the start for the desired finish. (For this we just require few photographs of you)